Useful Tidbits

See the demo on Vimeo

Watch a brief demo showing Shot Notes X in action. See how quick and easy the workflow is to take notes from location or logging directly into Apple's Final Cut Pro X.

Request a Feature

Please see the features that have already been requested below, if the feature has already been asked for please do not resubmit it. Thank You. We will do our best to add features in a timely manner. Not all submitted features will be added to Shot Notes X. Not all features on the below list will added either.

Previously Requested Features
Import of metadata from Arri Raw Converter or Arri Meta Extract
Import of metadata from Scratch
Import a CSV of metadata from Red Cine X
Multicam clips support

Version RequestedfFeatures that have been released
1.0.11 Support for Script E XML import for notes
1.0.11 Import Movie Slate XML
1.0.11 Assign Roles
1.0.5 Match clips by timecode.
1.0.3 The ability to favorite or reject clips
1.0.2 Add a button to export the shot log from the main UI

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