Useful Tidbits

See the demo on Vimeo

Watch a brief demo showing Shot Notes X in action. See how quick and easy the workflow is to take notes from location or logging directly into Apple's Final Cut Pro X.

Apply Ratings of Favorite of Reject to a clip

Shot Notes X applies Favorite and Reject ratings to the whole clip, not a range of the clip.

The Shot Log and Shot Log Template have columns of Favorite, and Reject.

The Favorite column works using a rating system, that can apply a Favorite or Reject using the same column. This is to allow for easy support with several other applications including iOS slate applications, that allow users to rate takes on set, and to simplify on set note taking. If users have a rating from iOS slate app, that use 1-5 as the ratings, this data can be exported in the same column order as Shot Notes X, or copied and pasted into the Favorite column.

The Reject column placing any character in the column will reject the clip

Using the Rating System:

  1. • Place a value of 5 in the Favorite column to Favorite a clip
  2. • Place a value of 1 in the
  3. • values of 2-4 are ignored

To Favorite a clip not using the Rating system:

  1. • Place any character in the Favorite column, other than 2-4 or 1 which are reserved for ratings.

To Reject a clip:

  1. • Place any character in the Reject column, or place a 1 in the Favorite column

Note: If a Shot Log contains values in the Favorite and Reject columns the clip will be Favorite.

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