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See the Final Cut Pro demo on Vimeo

Watch a brief demo showing Shot Notes X in action. See how quick and easy the workflow is to take notes from location or logging directly into Apple's Final Cut Pro X.

Shot Notes X

Shot Notes X 1.1.0 New Features:

Shot Notes X, is a simple application that takes a file of notes and other metadata from ScriptE, Movie Slate or in the form a CSV file that follows a specific format. This CSV can be created in a variety of spreadsheet apps, exported from various on set script supervision apps, and Shot Notes X provides a template CSV. Shot Notes X combines this data with clips from a Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premire XML, into a new XML with complete metadata. In the editing system the metadata is completely searchable via the search tools, and is available in the list view allowing editors to quickly find the shot using their notes.

Use your favorite spreadsheet app to take notes on location or while watching dailies, then use Shot Notes X to bring those notes into Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.



Final Cut Pro only Features

  • • Import XML directly from ScriptE
  • • Import XML directly from Movie Slate
  • • Matches notes with the XML data either by file name, clip name, or timecode
  • • Add scene and take metadata
  • • Add note metadata
  • • Add camera angle metadata
  • • Renames clips using scene and take metadata
  • • Export a list of clips with common metadata from your XML that can be opened in spreadsheet apps to aid in logging
  • • Export a template shot log to take notes in while on set
  • • Shot Log is easily imported into FileMaker Pro

  • • RED to match by filename only needs first 8 characters
  • • ARRI to match by filename only needs first 9 characters
  • • Add keywords
  • • Add Favorite or Reject to clips
  • • Add Parent and Subroles
  • • Combines notes into a single note added to the final clip
  • • Both sets of notes are available as custom metadata fields in the Inspector
  • • Supports synchronized clips created in Final Cut Pro X or 3rd party apps. Takes metadata from the pre-synced parent video clip and applies that metadata to the sync clips.
  • • Create Events for each scene and move the clips for that scene into the event

Download a template CSV


Example Spread Sheet

Clip Name Scene Take Note 1 Note 2 Keywords Favorite Camera Angle scene take Ext: Night best take Circle Take, wide shot, best B
The results in Final Cut Pro 10 would be a shot named scene-Take_B with the metadata added to the shot and a combine note of "Ext. Night | the best take".

System Requirements

Mac OSX 10.9 or higher 64-bit processor.
Final Cut Pro 10.0.6 or higher using fcpxml version 1.2 or higher.
Adobe Premiere Createive Cloud 2016.

Educational Pricing

Shot Notes X is eligible for educational pricing through The Mac App Store

* Final Cut Pro® and Quicktime® are a trademarks and or copyrights of Apple Inc.
* RED and RED Cine-X are trademarks and or copyrights of RED.

No Longer for Sale In Japan

Due to changes in Japan's tax laws, Shot Notes X is not longer for sale in Japan.

  • • Now supports Adobe Premiere